Climbing the Pocket EPISODE 152 [FLIPSIDE OF OTAS]

Climbing the Pocket EPISODE 152 [FLIPSIDE OF OTAS]
Climbing the Pocket

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In this episode:

  • Rhodes on Zimmer’s criticism
  • Alexander Mattison impact
  • Kyle Rudolph

Nick Olson@NickOlsonNFL

Kyle Rudolph’s career receiving grades & ranks:

2011: 67.9 (27th)
2012: 73.4 (13th)
2013: 69.3 (27th)
2014: 59.5 (31st)
2015: 69.2 (21st)
2016: 75.3 (15th)
2017: 72.0 (8th)
2018: 66.5 (22nd)

His blocking has declined, but as a receiver he hasn’t really dropped off.704:59 PM – May 23, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Nick Olson’s other Tweets

Arif Hasan@ArifHasanNFL · May 22, 2019

I admit I’m surprised by thisPFF MIN Vikings@PFF_VikingsKyle Rudolph overall grades since 2011 #Vikings

Arif Hasan@ArifHasanNFL

Looked just at rec yds per route, as well as an adjusted YPRR metric that corrects for team passing performance. Rudolph has never exceeded the 60th percentile in his career; only exceeded 50th once. The first 4 yrs don’t match the PFF grade chart, but the final four do PM – May 22, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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  • Expectations for Elflein
  • Diggs’ Absence

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