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The purpleJOURNAL Podcast is hosted by owner of purplePTSD.com/VikingsTerritory.com and purpleTERRITORY Radio, Joe Johnson, and co-hosted by Joe Oberle the Editor of purplePTSD.com and VikingsTerritory.com and our new co-host Tyler Haag, the production manager for purpleTERRITORY Radio and the host of ‘Bleeding Purple’, ‘The Water Cooler’ and ‘Hot Dish in the Fridge’!

The show was launched before the 2016 season and was once co-hosted by Luke Braun who writes for purplePTSD.com and hosts his own show on the Locked On Vikings network. We’ve had great guests from Tommy Kramer to Nick Swardson and anticipate returning to a weekly show (Wednesday nights) around training camp this year!

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